Introduction to Hiragana series – Yo-on

1. The Yō-on Hiragana characters

Today we'll look at the remaining Hiragana characters called Yō-on (Yoh-on) and there are 33 of them to learn. I know you’re thinking ‘what there's ANOTHER 33 characters to learn?!?’ but let me reassure you it's not hard as it sounds. Like the Dakuten you learnt from the previous lesson, these Yō-on characters are created from the existing core and Dakuten characters.

The Yō-on characters are created by adding a small や、ゆ、よ - Ya, Yu, or Yo to all the characters that ends with い - i which are the following characters:

き、し、ち、に、ひ、め、り、ぎ、じ、び、ぴ - Ki, Shi, Chi, Ni, Hi, Mi, Ri, Gi, Ji, Bi and Pi.

When you add the small や、ゆ、よ - Ya, Yu, or Yo to the end of the characters ending with い - i, the い - i will disappear like magic.

Example one

き + ゃ ( Ki + ya ) becomes きゃ - Kya

き + ゅ ( Ki + yu ) becomes きゅ - Kyu

き + ょ ( Ki + yo ) becomes きょ - Kyo

し - Shi and ち - Chi are the exception to this, as the ‘i’ and ‘y’ will disappear from combining the characters.

Example two

ち + ゃ (Chi + ya) becomes ちゃ - Cha

ち + ゅ (Chi + yu) becomes ちゅ - Chu

ち + ょ (Chi + yo) becomes ちょ - Cho

し - Shi combined with や - ya, ゆ - yu or よ - yo will become しゃ、しゅ、しょ - Sha, Shu, and Sho respectively.

Below is the full Yō-on characters


2. Additional resources

The following resources is what I used in conjunction with these mnemonics, so be sure to check them out:.

3. Farewell Hiragana
That is it for the Introduction to Hiragana series, congratulations if you made this far!

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