Introduction to Hiragana series – か、き、く、け、こ – Ka, Ki, Ku, Ke, and Ko

1. か、き、く、け、こ - Ka, Ki, Ku, Ke, and Ko

In the previous post you have just learnt the first 5 vowel sounds in Japanese. Now we'll look at か、き、く、け、こ - Ka, Ki, Ku, Ke and Ko.

か – ka

Mnemonic: か for kard


き – ki

Mnemonic: き for key

ki ki-mnemonics

く– ku

Mnemonic: く for bird calling cuckoo

ku ku-mnemonics


け – ke

Mnemonic: け for kettle

ke ke-mnemonics

こ– ko

Mnemonic: こ for koffee art

ko ko-mnemonics

2. Additional resources

The following resources is what I used in conjunction with these mnemonics, so be sure to check them out:.

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