Introduction to Hiragana series – Dakuten characters

1. The Dakuten Hiragana characters

In the previous post you have just learnt ん - n. Today we'll look at the Dakuten characters and there are 25 new characters to learn. That sounds daunting right? It's not bad as it sounds because it uses the K, S, T and H Hiragana characters you already know by adding a double dash or a small circle which change it pronunciation.

Below is an example:

か (Ka) -> が (Ga)

さ (Sa) -> ざ (Za)

た (Ta) -> だ (Da)

は (Ha) -> ば (Ba)

は (Ha) -> ぱ (Pa)

The full set of Dakuten characters are displayed below.


You may have noticed ぢ (Ji) and づ (Zu) repeated in the Da, Ji, Zu, De and Do set. They are pronounced the same as じ (Ji) and ず (Zu) for the Za, Ji, Zu, Ze and Zo set and to type it on your computer or mobile device, it is actually ‘Di’ and ‘Du’ respectively.

2. Additional resources

The following resources is what I used in conjunction with these mnemonics, so be sure to check them out:.

Next is the Yō-on (final) set of characters.

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